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Viber Forever Free

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You have to fight each and any single day. The overwhelming abundance of available apps can sometimes be an annoying thing. With so many options and apps to choose from, no wonder you feel completely lost and even frustrated. Viber is one of these cyber temptations.

You have probably wondered, what is going to happen with this extremely popular app? Who is going to own it next among the major IT league? What is very likely to change? When is going to disappear and completely transform under the crumbling advertising pressure?

Well, we have some good news for you. From what we know for sure, Viber is going to stay just the way it is, for as long as you want to be. We do not know how, but Viber is going to resist all financial temptations. There will be no ads. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay for it.

Maybe, we are just too optimistic, and the busy little bees in Viber are naive after all. We are going to wait and see, what is the most probable scenario when Viber gets its first “indecent proposal” for a different kind of business takeover. Until then, enjoy as much as you can.

YouTube Space Ooh La La

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Google is going to conquer a new YouTube Space in Paris. As you already know this YouTube Space is nothing more, but a smooth and stylish game of prestige Google likes to play all around the world. When you take into account the most recent changes about this social network, it makes sense.

Right? This is the right kind of a game, we should talk about. At first, Google likes to knock us off our feet, with its charm, funny colors, and useful inventions. Then, the time comes for us to pay a bill for all the fun we have had. How? Well, the advertising machinery takes care of it.

We are not sure, how the French users are going to accept this creative space, after a painful exposure to the annoying ads on YouTube. Can you compensate all frustration and anger, with this spot, designed for eye-catching video contents? Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Unfortunately, there is not enough YouTube Space to cover all YouTube ads. And, we are, where we are, right now. If you are reading this post in Paris, make sure you ask the right questions in YouTube Space. How about a video about the influence of ads, for a change?

What Would Steve Jobs Do?

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Steve Jobs is no longer with us. But, what would he say or think, if by some miracle, he could walk in Tim Cook’s shoes for a moment, right now? Lots of things have changed in the meantime. So, what would be Steve’s most probable reaction? Would he be happy or deeply disappointed?

Well, we all know that he was a 4-inch-guy. That was his ideal number for an iPhone’s screen size. The “giants” iPhone 6 and especially iPhone 6 Plus would not be something to thrill him, that is for sure. This also includes the questionable iWatch. There is no way Steve would use or approve this gadget.

In addition, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is definitely something that asks for a death sentence in Steve’s world. Yet, despite all of these things Apple has reached the unprecedented and unparalleled success under the leadership of Tim Cook. What is that supposed to mean?

You can think whatever you like, but the show must go on, even without Steve Jobs, and one day, inevitably Tim Coom himself. Nowadays, there is no much poetry left in the merciless IT world. Therefore, once a popular question, what would Steve Jobs do, now just does not matter any more. Right?

Fifty Bucks Amazon Tablet

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We thought that after the Firephone fiasco Amazon did learn an invaluable lesson, including a decision to stay out of the production playing field. What do you know, Amazon wants to prove us all wrong. There is more than one rumor about the new tablet made in Amazon. Seriously?

It turns out that Amazon has learned something after all. It is too late to compete with the major league players in this field with the shiny and expensive flagship models, but you can still get your piece of a profit pie with a budget friendly device. So, what about the price itself?

Well, how about fifty bucks? Does this sound like enough of a reason to give Amazon a fair try? And, here is the most important question. What are you supposed to get for this amount of money? You just know where Amazon was forced to make substantial savings, don’t you?

The memory is always among the first things to be sacrificed. Only 1GB RAM and no more than 6 or 8GB of internal memory. This is all what you are going to get. Honestly speaking, for $50 have you really expected something more than these? If you want more, then you have to pay more.

Windows 10 Continent

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It is really hard, or we can even say, it is a true mission impossible trying to classify Windows 10 as a success or failure at this stage. For what is worth, its acceptance rate is much better in the first month compared to Windows 7. There is no point comparing it with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Why? Because, this version was a catastrophic failure. On the other hand, the acceptance rate can be a tricky thing. Grandpa Microsoft is experiencing right now, something we should describe as the “leopard skin” phenomenon. What is that supposed to mean, exactly?

Well, Windows 10 “concentration” should be like a leopard’s skin, but it is not. The ideal thing would be to have it everywhere on a global level, like a leopard skin. Unfortunately, grandpa Microsoft will have to accept a bitter fact that only Europe can be treated as the true Windows 10 continent.

The rest of the world would have to wait or try harder, obviously. In addition, this grandpa Microsoft’s attitude are-we-there-yet, is not helping, as well. If you can be patient, then you can expect to be rescued this way or another. At least, this is something we have heard. Is it really true?

NokiA B C1

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Nokia is almost free. Grandpa Microsoft has not been bad “master”, on the contrary, in a certain way he rescued once a proud mobile pioneer. However, nothing and no one can match the tempting call of absolute business freedom. Is not that right our dear and precious Nokia?

So, what can we expect from Nokia in its days of the after-Microsoft-era? Well, how about a Nokia smartphone? You are probably overwhelmed by strong nostalgic feelings. That would be just great. Nevertheless, Nokia has to seriously consider a thing called – the basic business survival.

Lumia was and still is a great smartphone in its class. Yet, Nokia plans to team up with the Android family. One very serious rumor has it that we are very likely to expect the first Nokia Android C1, somewhere in 2016. Here is a million dollar question for all of us?

How is Google going to support Nokia’s effort to claim back its former mobile glory? Well, if Nokia C1 can ensure the companionship of the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then is certainly going to be a true win-win for both parties. Otherwise, you can live of nostalgia and memories, only. Right?

Google Wallet = Android Pay?

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It is official. Google Wallet is going to be replaced by Android Pay. Yet, Google Wallet will continue its virtual existence as an independent app. What is this supposed to mean? This is a little bit confusing, isn’t it? Which one should we choose to take care of our mobile finances?

Well, for what is worth, Google would be perfectly happy, if you could use both. However, if online payment and transactions are your main priorities, then you should give an advantage to a newbie Android Pay. On the other side, if you have some security concerns, Google has thought about that, as well.

The most important thing for us to know, is that Android Pay is not going to use your credit card numbers for online transactions. Instead, it is much safer to rely on virtual special set of numbers assigned to each of your cards. In addition, all transactions will be carefully monitored.

So, there is no much left to say, is it? Google has done its homework. Now, it is up to you to find money to spend through this additional mobile channel. Ah yes, you should not forget to keep an eye hackers, who are going to be thrilled by the fact that now, you keep all of your mobile eggs in one basket.